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The furniture label with respect for the shape of the human body.

The essence of good furniture is making you feel comfortable.
Comfortable to relax, to focus, to laugh, to dine, to draw, to read. To do what you love, without distractions.

We want to surround ourselves with objects we are proud of. How they look, where they come from, what they mean to us.

As a family company, we live and work in the middle of our designs and know them inside out.






At ArianeSké, we are specialized in creating an atmosphere completely adapted to your wishes.


Our friends at Jee-O, designers of unique bathroom atmospheres, chose the Esco chair for their owner’s office. The Esco chair features a stream-lined design with a cool combination of ebony wood, metal, and leather. You know you’re in charge when you sit in the Esco.

Grand Hotel Les Roches Blanches

Find our Boom collection in Cassis at the Grand Hotel Roches Blanches . This wonderful five-star hotel on the French coast is the epitome of new luxury. Connected to nature, relaxation and peace are easy to find. Experience wonderful flavours at the restaurant, prepared by the best chefs.

College image 2.jpg

University Staff Room

In a room in which no staff member ever wanted to sit, we created a relaxed and inspirational environment complete with both lunch and consultation areas. Now, the teachers can’t tear themselves away!


We are proud to work with the finest European furniture craftsmen to turn our designs into reality. Years of study by our management team combined with the creative skills of master sculptor, Martim, result in finished products renowned for their fresh, exquisite design and unparalleled comfort and quality.

made by hand

going over and over all the details

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Rotterdam - The Netherlands

© ArianeSké B.V.

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