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High-end furniture with respect for the shapes and lines of the body

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We would be delighted to help you design the best seating options for your restaurant or hotel project.

Why? Because that’s what we do best!


Along with our team of highly-skilled European craftspeople, we design and manufacture the finest luxury furniture for the hospitality industry. Your guests will delight in the sumptuous materials, fine lines, and an inspiring comfort of our creations. ArianeSké furnishings make you want to sit a little longer.

And if you’d like to have this luxurious atmosphere in your home, we can do that too! Come on! Spoil yourself. You deserve it. And you’ll love the way it makes you feel.

May we introduce to you the Sylt chair?

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Our latest projects


Ever planned a memorable evening in an elegant restaurant, only to have it ruined by uncomfortable dining chairs and a stiff back? The finest restaurateurs know their guests deserve luxurious seating that makes them want to relax and savor their meals. That’s why several of our clients, including Michelin Star restaurants, have chosen from our award-winning Boom collection. The Boom collection boasts sleek design paired with rich, sumptuous textures.

School Staff Room

In a room in which no staff member ever wanted to sit, we created a relaxed and inspirational environment complete with both lunch and consultation areas. Now, the teachers can’t tear themselves away!


Our friends at Jee-O, designers of unique bathroom atmospheres, chose the Esco chair for their owner’s office. The Esco chair features a stream-lined design with a cool combination of ebony wood, metal, and leather. You know you’re in charge when you sit in the Esco.

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We are proud to work with the finest European furniture craftsmen to turn our designs into reality. Years of study by our management team combined with the creative skills of master sculptor, Martim, result in finished products renowned for their fresh, exquisite design and unparalleled comfort and quality.

Our hottest new designs

Udi chair

May we introduce you to the Udi Chair? It deserves a lot of attention for its craftsmanship, and we think you deserve to know exactly what you’re buying! When we designed it, we took into account the organic lines of the human body and the natural angle of the back. On the underside, the webbing is tensioned. These details provide superior comfort and support! This chair is part of the elegant and contemporary Udi Collection of stackable bar stools and chairs for hotels and restaurants.

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Escobar stool

These elegant, 1950s-inspired Esco stools in bar or counter height will dazzle and delight with their cutting-edge design and Italian craftsmanship. The distinctive chair backs can be made to either match or coordinate with their

seats. Customizable options in metal colours, exquisite wood veneers, and sumptuous upholstery let you create your own luxurious style and pair it with your existing furnishings. Art meets comfort and function in the sophisticated Escobar Collection of stackable seating designed for the hospitality industry or home.

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