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the Breeze Collection

Breeze armchair front.jpg

The Breeze collection is designed to be the lighthearted centre of the room, inviting you to sit down and relax all your nerves. 

She embraces you like a cloud:  all her parts are soft and shape gently around your body.

As much as Breeze spoils you physically, she also inspires the eyes with her three diverse materials that go together so coherently as not often seen before. Wood, metal and linen are in perfect balance. All refined materials of the highest quality.

The metal legs allow a breeze, air and sounds, to flow underneath the sofa.

Like this,  she does not separate your space in different sections.

She's a sofa that connects all furniture, objects and corners of the room.

A sofa that makes your space feel bigger and more spacious.

The Breeze sofa and armchair collection is designed for homes, but with suitable upholstery also a good fit for the hospitality industry.  


Breeze is a sofa that lightens up your room

A sofa that makes you feel at ease, at rest

That gives you space to think, to breathe

The collection consists of different modules


Wood, metal and linen 

in perfect harmony

Breeze + daybed side_edited.jpg

Breeze consists of several types of foam that have been carefully selected by our team in collaboration with the manufacturers. Together they create the perfect seating experience: 

soft but firm, gently molding to your body 

Breeze makes your room feel spacious and light by 
allowing air and light to flow through


Each element has a round shape and is ultra soft

Jill, Breeze, Lenù banner M&O jan 23.jpeg
M&O jan 23 image Breeze 1.jpeg
Janine on Breeze M&O jan 23.jpg

Janine on the Breeze sofa
Lenù side tables, Jill armchair


19-23 jan 2023

Breeze Sofa + daybed

Find out all the details

Breeze armchair
Breeze armchair back_edited.jpg
Breeze sofa

Breeze sofa + daybed

Breeze sofa

Breeze armchair

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