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Elvie collection

Elvie sofa hotel lobby.jpg

Attractive and elegant, Elvie is designed to give your space the sense of luxury. She is an invitation for your guests to sit down, to relax and enjoy her comfort. 


Our Elvie sofa can have many different sizes. Which size suits you? 


Elvie is perfect for lobbies, waiting rooms and big, open spaces. The taller versions can function as room dividers, creating private spots, shielded from sounds and distracting, busy movements. 

The rounded back is appealing as well and makes the Elvie sofa suitable to be placed in the center of a space, where you’re able to walk around it. 


Our team has done a lot of research into the ergonomic design of the Elvie collection. All edges and corners are round and shaped organically.  Even without pillows she is comfortable, due to her lower back support and the use of high-end foams. 

Elvie is available in a wide range of beautiful colours of velour, that feel soft against the skin. The upholstered legs and coloured piping add to the luxurious appearance. 

Because of her one-piece-upholstery, Elvie doesn’t need a lot of attention.

She is always charming, never messy.


Bistro setting top view_edited.jpg

Your sofa is there to make you feel relaxed; first your body, then your mind

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