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Becky armchair

Becky armchair


Great armchair which gives you a happy place to sit in. With its comfortable seat due to a well formed back support, the Becky armchair is a joy with many applications.


The Becky chair is a bucket seat, full upholstered which gives a warm appearance, especially if you choose for a fabric like velvet.

The combination with metal legs provides a trendy look and fits in any modern interior.


The Becky armchair is used as a dinning chair in restaurants, in lobbies of hotels or in a hotel room. Becky is also the perfect match in any living room.


This armchair is part of the Becky collection with Jacqui and Jacqui II chairs without armrests. The perfect combination!


Please let us know if you want to use other fabrics or combinations!

SH47/77h x W61 x SD46/D66cm

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