The Luc modular 3-seater sofa is a contemporary modular sofa which finds her beauty is its simplicity.

This sofa consists of 3 single seats. 

As this brand is used to, the designers of arianeSké pay a lot of attention to the seating comfort of every single sofa. For example, memory foam is used for the seat and the back cushions are partially filled with feathers for an optimal shape with the body.


For the Luc 3-seater sofa the colour team picked out a strong  fabric for upholstery in 3 muted colours.  


Luc modular sofa is part of the Ann modular sofa collection with straight and round sofa. All modules can be combined!


Please let us know if the fabric you are looking for is not included. We will find what you are looking for!

Luc 3-seater modular sofa

  • 75cm w x 37sh/67cm height per unit

    3-seater: 2.25m x 1m depth

    Cushioning: HD FR Foam

    Fabrics Quantity: 4m per unit