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Sylt chair

Sylt chair


Sylt is the embodiment of New Luxury: materials of the highest quality, manufactured with great attention and care, and created with respect for nature.


At ArianeSké, we do not like anything artificial.


Sylt is made of strong, solid wood, grown in Europe. The wood is carefully crafted by hand in Portugal, until every joint and corner connect smoothly. Because of the research of our team, we have been able to adapt Sylt precisely to the human body. Not one element is straight, everything is shaped organically, just as your body.


Sylt is the perfect choice for your restaurant or dining table if you want to create a rich atmosphere and connect your space to nature.


Jill has a wide seat with a firm, but soft cushion, upholstered with the finest fabrics that feel good against the skin. The oil finish accentuates the authenticity of the wood.


The Sylt chair is designed in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and crafted by hand in Portugal.

Frame material:

  • Solid Ash wood natural
  • Solid Ash wood brown
  • Solid Ash wood black
  • Oak or dark oak on request


  • Oiled
  • Acrylic on request


  • COM
  • Natural Italian leather
  • Brown Italian leather
  • Topia chrom Wool
  • Berber

Indoor / outdoor: Indoor

Stackable: no

Minimum order: 2/4*

Delivery time: 4 weeks*

*May vary depending on stock or when an order is made on special request.

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