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Ann footstool

Ann footstool


With the Ann & Luc modular sofa collection, you can create your own personal solution for a sofa. Whether you want to create a curved or a straight sofa, choose the right unit and combine them together.


Curved sofa

Choose the Modular units to create a sofa as a stand alone that you can walk around.


Curved sofa placed in a corner

You want to place a sofa in a corner of a room, you can choose corner units, to lose less space in the corner.


Straight sofa

With the Luc modules you make straight sofa’s. You want a corner sofa? Combine Luc and Ann!


Seating comfort

The Ann sofa is made for great seating, due to the use of special foams. The back cushions are partly filled with feathers which takes the shape of your back.



Do combine the Ann footstool with the sofa for ultimate relaxation!



4 Ann modules fit in a ¼ of a circle.


A sofa made to impress, and do not forget to look at the back, as it is astonishing!

The Ann modular sofa is designed for residential use, but certainly does not look out of place in an office, restaurant or hotel!


Do not forget to combine the Ann-Luc modules with a pouf or/and footstool!


Please let us know if the fabric you are looking for is not included. We will find what you are looking for!

99/60x1m x 69cm height per unit

Cushioning: HD FR Foam

Fabrics Quantity:

Ann modular sofa 4m 

Ann pouf 1.20m

Ann footstool 1m

Ann corner 5m

Ann 1250 6m

Luc modular sofa 4m



Take a look at our collections

and find out more about the idea behind our design, the production process and the possibilities there are for your project


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