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Jill armchair

Jill armchair


The Joe and Jill armchair Collection were designed with COVID-19 in mind. The designers of ArianeSké were looking for a new approach to organise the seating in Hotel Lobbies, airport waiting areas, office meeting halls, staff rooms etc., 

How can small groups of people sit close together at a safe distance?

The Joe and Jill armchair Collection is designed for seating apart together. Close, but at a safe distance.


The high back of the Joe armchair divides spaces into separate seating areas. By placing the Joe armchairs with the backs to each other, distancing and a feeling of protection are created. Together with the low back of the Jill armchair you keep the spacial feeling. 


These armchairs are made for seating, and people will enjoy it. If people sit comfortable, they speak freely and feel at ease. This assists a good (working) relationship and collaboration.


The design of the Joe and Jill armchair can be recognized by the two embracing shells on a handmade wooden frame. A real showpiece of craftsmanship! Besides, Joe and Jill invite all Interior designers to customize as they wish by playing with fabrics and colours. 

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