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Esco Collection

The chair with many


Art meets comfort and function in our Escobar Collection. Esco is very good-hearted, she will adjust herself in every situation to match and accentuate her surroundings. With the possibility to play with the color of the metal frame, the wood veneer and the upholstery you can create the chair you’ve dreamed of.

After many prototypes we figured out the perfect angle of the backrest to be sure to sit comfortably for hours, without turning and twisting in your seat. We all know how annoying that is!

Esco is a classical, yet contemporary chair: 1950s-inspired, Italian craftmanship, exquisite wood veneers and sumptuous upholstery th are combined with long, elegant legs make Esco


a timeless design.

The back of the chair

is the first thing you see when entering a restaurant or dining room

Create a head-turning atmosphere by playing with the wood

varieties and fabrics to match your interior

Choose your own

The process

Discussing the project

Personalising the models

Metal frames




Willem de Zwijger college Papendrecht, Netherlands

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